Friday, November 7, 2008

What else could happen?

Have you ever asked yourself "What else could go wrong"?

Well, this is what happens while you are packing up to move across the country....

That's right, Lord Humble broke the growth plate in his wrist while practicing on the pommel horse.
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

To soup or not to soup?

One of the best things about our cross country move is the weather. It is much cooler here in the Pacific Northwest. It is cool enough for soup and I love soup! So after finding the box with my cook books in it, I had to make some Creamy Potato Broccoli soup. Since all of the kids like potatoes and broccoli, I felt pretty safe that it would be well liked.

Boy was I wrong!

Mini Man didn't like the color, so he ate his with his eyes shut!

Girly Wirly didn't like them mixed together. She wanted me to separate the broccoli from the potatoes and melted down crying because I couldn't do that! It would have been very funny except I kept thinking "is this how she will be once she PMS's?"

I wonder if she would have eaten it better if I had melted velveeta on it?
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