Monday, April 28, 2008

Swimming Bliss & Fish

Saturday, we set up an above ground pool for our kids. It wasn't the simpliest thing to set up and it took my husband and the two oldest boys half a day to do it.
So, yesterday, it was finally filled and ready to be used. It was amazing! We had to drag all of the rosie cheeked monkeys out of it at the end of the day. They were in BLISS! I sat back and marveled at how a simple liner filled with water could bing such happiness.
I have read numerous books, listened to numerous lectures, participated in workshops all on finding my bliss. I am always left with more questions like: How do you find it? Does it find you? Is bliss fleeting or can it last forever?
Well yesterday I finally had all of those questions answered. The answer is 'YES'. Bliss finds you, you find it, and it can be both fleeting and forever.
As I sat watching the kids evolve from monkeys to fish, I experienced their bliss. It was so simple. It was fun. It was an ear to ear, full face grin. It was the squeal of delight and unending laughter.
So now, I am left with only one question: AM I HAVING FUN?
If I am, then I am bliss.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Push up taught me what?

Starting a new business--check
Just had a baby--check
Can't eat chocolate because it bothers nursing baby--check
Still have other kids to look after/school--check

All of this is enough to make my knees buckle, leave me on the floor crying uncontrollably, and make me wonder how I am going to get it all taken care of.
Whenever I am feeling this overwhelmed, I think of my boys at their gymnastics practices. I have seen them on an event for hours struggling to learn a new skill or perfect an old one. They fall and get back up dozens of times. If they don't get it, their coach has them on the floor doing push ups for another hour. There are tears and snot running down their faces. Their arms are shaking and they are barely able continue going. Once they have been released from "conditioning hell", they get up thank their coach and look forward to the next practice.
It is watching them do their push ups that I learn the most. Instead of questioning 'why', they just do it. They push through the pain and do another push up. I think of the strength (both physical and mental) that it takes for them to continue.
So, if my 12 and 14 year old sons can do thousands of push ups in an hour and still get up, then I can keep pushing through. I can get up, thank life for its coaching, and do another push up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What, Why?

The what and why of this blog is to write about The Madhouse of Fun that I live in, to be able to share with friends and family, and to documeny our crazy journey. With 5 children (boy 14, boy 12, girl 5, boy 3, girl newborn), we are a non-stop whirlwind. We laugh a lot, cry some, and eat tons of chocolate. We homeschool the older two because they are competitive gymnasts. Our girly whirly will start kindegarten this fall, and we are torn between homeschooling or putting her in public school. At least we have a few more months to decide.