Friday, April 30, 2010

Management issues

Too often, we say that "I want more...." or "I want a different...." (fill in the dots). We pray it. We wish for it. We long for it. Sometimes, we actually get it and then are quickly overwhelmed and become dissatisfied.

My husband and I have been asking ourselves those questions a lot. Especially regarding his job and our kids. I have spoken with friends, family, a counselor. All of them have listened and given advice: "you can have what you want"; "In this economy, be glad that you have anything at all"; "Maybe you have unrealistic expectations and set the bar to high"; "your too controlling and can't control everything".

But as I tossed and turned attempting to sleep this week, I remembered two pieces of advice that were given to me by a spiritual mentor and a business mentor:
1.) Have you made your bed?

2.) How can you expect the universe to provide you anymore if you can't manage what you already have? In order to manage money, you must manage your life.

So, I have started taking inventory of what I am/am not managing well. It has been eye opening and revealing. It is the little details that are derailing me/us/my kids.
Yes, my bed is made, but I ignored the piles of laundry, dishes, paperwork, (the list goes on and on).
Yes, the kids make their sports events, school, dr. appointments on time. BUT, do they help each other, speak kindly to each, contribute to the house? Have we managed to teach them or just managed to make it through another day?

I am ready to manage better and create instead of feeling like I am barely surviving. Do you feel like you are a good manager?