Monday, April 28, 2008

Swimming Bliss & Fish

Saturday, we set up an above ground pool for our kids. It wasn't the simpliest thing to set up and it took my husband and the two oldest boys half a day to do it.
So, yesterday, it was finally filled and ready to be used. It was amazing! We had to drag all of the rosie cheeked monkeys out of it at the end of the day. They were in BLISS! I sat back and marveled at how a simple liner filled with water could bing such happiness.
I have read numerous books, listened to numerous lectures, participated in workshops all on finding my bliss. I am always left with more questions like: How do you find it? Does it find you? Is bliss fleeting or can it last forever?
Well yesterday I finally had all of those questions answered. The answer is 'YES'. Bliss finds you, you find it, and it can be both fleeting and forever.
As I sat watching the kids evolve from monkeys to fish, I experienced their bliss. It was so simple. It was fun. It was an ear to ear, full face grin. It was the squeal of delight and unending laughter.
So now, I am left with only one question: AM I HAVING FUN?
If I am, then I am bliss.

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