Monday, March 29, 2010

You're a hard habit to break!

I haven't written anything in an extremely long time. It hasn't been because I haven't had anything to talk about, it is because it became a habit to not sit down and blog.
I have been thinking a lot about habits. How they are both a blessing and a curse!
It is a good habit to put things away when you are finished, brush your teeth daily, smile, to set aside time with love ones, etc. The list can go on and on.
But what about the habits that we have that don't serve us. Yelling at people, eating unhealthy food, not exercising, avoiding the tough issues with our kids or spouses, not taking time for myself, not blogging.
On the surface, these habits appear small and insignificant. BUT, they can sabotage your success and create the habit of failure.
So, today I am committing to breaking one of my habits and return to blogging.

What little habits do you have that you want to break?

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