Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gold Medal Sacrifice

Tom (husband/dad) and I are totally supportive of all of the kids goals and activities. We are at all of Girly Wirly's (she's 5) soccer games, dance recitals, swim lessons. Little Man (he's 3) is just now showing interest in activities other than Thomas the Tank Engine, Lightning McQueen, and Nemo. Little Bit (she's 2 months) is only interested in nursing. Then there are the boys' interests....GYMNASTICS!!
My two oldest sons are competitive gymnasts. Lord Humble (he's 14) has been competing for 4 years and Red (he's 12) has been competing for 3 years. Red wants to continue competing through college. Lord Humble wants to be an Olympic gold medal winner. Not just one Olympics either, he wants to go and win in several.

WOW! The Olympics! We talk to him seriously about the sacrifices that he will have to make in order for his dream to become reality.

1. No other sport activities. "Not a problem, don't really like other sports", he says.
2. Lots of time in the gym (up to 24 hours per week). "The more the better", he says.
3. Not alot of extra "hanging with your buds" time. "Most of my friends are gymnasts", he says.
4.Homework and meals in car. "Okay", he says.

For the past 4 years, he has made the sacrifices and more. He has cried, ripped the skin on his hands repeatedly, fallen on his face and has always gotten back up ready for more. He's in love. It is his bliss, his passion. It is a gift that we get to watch.

It has never felt like a sacrifice on my part until this past week. We moved to a new gym. It is a lot farther away (1.5 hours each direction). Because of Little Bit, I can't get them there every day. So in order for the boys to practice more days a week, they are staying with another gym family a few nights a week.
I didn't think that it would be this hard for me or the other kids! I didn't think that I would be the one having to make sacrifices so that their dreams can be fulfilled. I knew that eventually they would leave the nest, but I wasn't ready for it now! I keep telling myself that it is only for a night here, a few nights there. Is it really any different than them staying the night at a friends house? But somehow it feels different. I'm invested in their progress. I feel out of the loop? How are your giants? Kip? Working rings?
The Madhouse isn't quite as mad without all of the kids being here. I guess instead of the madness being in the house, it is all in my head.

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