Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Human Whisperer

A few weeks ago, I watched my first episode of the Dog Whisperer. I really wasn't sure what to expect or if I would like the show. How interesting can a show be that is about misbehaving dogs? Being more of a cat person, I thought "well at least the show will give me a few more reasons why our family should not add a dog to the already existing madness" and more importantly I lost the remote.
Fast forwad to today, I am hooked on the show. It amazes me to see how inconsistent undisciplined enabling humans can produce such neurotic dogs. Could this be the true for parents and kids as well as the dog world?
My question was definitely answered last night at the playground! Sitting there watching Girly Whirly and Mini Man play, I witnessed both the neurotic and the balanced.
As I watched a balanced pack leader, it amazed me at how relaxed she was. If her son was playing a little to rough, she would calmly redirect him. If he didn't listen to her when corrected, she removed him for a short time-out. She was consistent every time.
By contrast the other mom was all over the map. Her son whined, screamed, and would throw himself on the ground/bench about everything. Whenever he tore the arm on his stuffed animal she went and got him a new one from the stroller. Whenever he pushed other kids, she would threaten to not buy him ice cream but backed down everytime he yelled or slapped her.

After watching this eposide of the "Human Whisperer", it made me wonder if I am a balanced "pack leader" OR am I creating a bunch of nuts who will need intense therapy once grown?


wendy said...

First off, I LOVE that show! LOL! I'm a dog person and I've been hooked for years. Secondly, I've never thought of it in terms like you have and it makes perfect sense! Wow.

Now I have to try to be more balanced (as if that is not a feat in and of itself!)!

Michelle said...

I am not really a "pet person". The thought of cleaning poop up forever with no chance of potty training keeps me from ever wanting a one! HAHA!