Friday, August 8, 2008

Snow Monster

Three years ago, we took the kids to Whislter, BC and played in snow. This was Girly Wirly's first time in snow. She fell in love. She wanted so badly to learn how to snowboard with the boys that she would wear their helmet anytime they weren't using it.
To this day, she still talks about the snow and informs us that "we can move if it is to snow!". OH, the monster that we created!
For more phun fotos, please visit Candid Carrie.

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Chris said...

Oh, she should have the goggles over her eyes!

Weather Moose

PS - I don't wear dresses like my dog.

Monica said...


Jennifer said...

She's so cute--love the goggles!!

Honey Mommy said...

You guys could totally move to my neck of the woods! Utah- best snow on earth! (or so they say!) Then you could wear the snow gear AND never see gators on the highway!

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Kelly said...

Future snowbunny in the making!

Lori said...

Hmmm, thought I left a comment around here somewhere... Now where'd I put that thing?

I'm so with her... I want to see snow! I wouldn't look nearly as cute in a snowboarding helmet though.

Karen said...

I'm with her ... I really want to learn to snowboard!!