Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear House,

Dear House,
I hear your whining. Your complaint has been logged. But I just needed a break yesterday.
I know that you were left behind full of dirt, toys thrown every where, dirty clothes on the floor, and dishes in the sink, BUT friends came over from out of town and we HAD to visit their hotel pool.
I know I promised to have you clean and straightened by today, BUT they are going to the beach. SOOOO, I just have to join them.
I promise to not be gone all day or to let the kids track to much sand in.
Thank you for understanding.


Judy Haley (coffeejitters) said...

in a year, your kids wont remember whether or not the house was clean but they will remember playing with you on the beach

Relyn said...

I love this entry. What an original and refreshing approach to write a note to your house. I love it! Plus, you have the right priorities.

Kim said...

I so love this note. I think I need to send it to my house.