Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Internal Fight: ME vs. ME?

Yesterday, we went to the beach with our friends and it was a blast. We played in the water, caught starfish, and laughed a lot. As I watched the kids, you could tell that they were in the moment. Not concerned with the time or chores. Their only focus was FUN!

Although I had an amazing time with all of the kids and Bec, I kept watching the clock. Mentally making a list of all the chores/errands that would have to be finished once our fun was over. Why is it that instead having fun and being in the moment, I am lost in the land of lists and what-ifs?
After putting the kids to bed, I was still beating myself up for "not getting everything done". Then, Judy gently reminded that the kids won't remember the clean house, but they will remember the day at the beach. And that was all I needed to break up the internal fight in my head.


Heather said...

So true. Though, I feel I fight this fight every moment too. We watched the movie 'Peaceful Warrior' last night (the book is much better). One of the central themes was living in the moment. Your post was the third time this message has come to me this week. I guess the universe is trying to tell me something. Thanks for being a part. Give the family our love!

Melizzard said...

Love the irony of the kitty litter bucket at the beach!